Corporate Gifting

Warmür is the perfect gift for your work-from-home employees! (or really work from anywhere as long as it's a desk)

Stop giving your employees company notebooks & pens, socks, or a hoodie they'll never wear for the holidays, and start giving something they'll actually use!

A Warmür fits on any office chair, looks stylish, and keeps your employees warm and productive! Really, studies show that a person is happier and gets more done when they're not shivering! 

To make it extra special, you've got options. Have your company logo embroidered on one sleeve so your employees can show support on every video call, OR personalize the Warmür with their initials.

Perfect for:

- Return to work gift

- Holiday gifts

- New-hire swag box

- Maternity gift 

- Just-because-you-love-your-employees gift

Or if you have any other ideas, we can brainstorm together!

Leave your details and and a message below and we will get back to you shortly.